Demi time

In 2007, invited by THE GREAT INDOORS AWARD (which we also won by the same occasion) to provide young students from Maastricht with a workshop/lecture about/around our practice, we came up with our 1st of our DEMI TIME workshop. Reenacting & relocating the illustrious 747 act by performance art legend Chris Burden, we provided the team with a situation to interact with, & by a simulated act of violence, engender their own moment of everlasting poetry.

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Workshop 3: 
demi time. a workference & a con shop by item idem.

- recon/text an item
Every participant should provide an item of his/her choice taken from its own personal environment, encapsulating and resonating its educational influences, whether they might be of  the highest or lowest reflected cultural ideologies.

Along with this item, every participant should provide to the organizing committee 2 pictures in digital format: 
- One picture of chosen item in its original environment.
- One picture of the original environment without the chosen item.
Finally each participant is invited to provide a short, hand-written text explaining the motivations for his/her choice.

All materials should be provided by Friday, November 16th, 2007.

- death/try an item
Poetically relocating Chris Burden's  "747" performance.
Participants are recommended not to wear valuable clothes.

Please bring along only Polaroid imagery devices.
All images, concepts used & issued during this entire project  are legally owned & copyrighted by item idem in 7002.

Item Details
The Great Indoors Award 2007, Simon Castets, Asa Nishijima, Bert Janssen.

A workshop & performance by item idem for THE GREAT INDOORS AWARD 2007. Maastricht.

November 2007
Chris Burden's '747'.
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