Youthful Shopper! Here is the РОЗВАГА ROOM! A multimedia collaboration between item idem & rising russian icon, photographer & menswear designer Gosha Rubchinskiy! Activated & performed in Kyiv (Ukraine) in May 2011, this projects spans the fields of digital conceptual art, fanzine editorial, performance & installation, with a major Surrealism's Exquisite Corpses component! Enjoy Shopper, you deserve it!

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by item idem & Gosha Rubchinskiy

For their first-ever artistic collaboration – an exclusive commission for the SANAHUNT Cultural Initiative – Gosha Rubchinskiy & item idemare unveiling РОЗВАГА ROOM, a project which reflects the artists’ mutual fascination with the ephemeral beauty of the crystallized instant that we call “teenage,” as well as their respect for the Kiev’s specific cultural inheritance. The chosen format breaks down the boundaries between each artist’s respective disciplines: performance and installation; photography, digital art and on/offline publication; and socially-engaged conceptual practice. For РОЗВАГА ROOM the artists have invited a group of local teenagers – cast from the streets of Kiev – into a Soviet-style hotel suite, whose three rooms have been entirely re-outfitted, using a mix of local craft, cultural artifacts, sports-fan gear and Ukrainian-themed kitsch gleaned from the marketplaces and tourist stands. The young volunteers are encouraged to explore this reimagined interior, a penthouse forever lost to time. The participants will then reenact the legendary Surrealist party game, the Exquisite Corpse, in a 2.0 version designed by the artists: launching conceptual algorithm attacks on the Google search engine, they will create a real-time unique issue of a website/fanzine. The audience observing these proceedings will be treated to a feast of traditional Ukrainian delicacies. With this project Gosha Rubchinskiy & item idem present SANAHUNT Cultural Initiative with an immersive experience that is as much an ode to artistic transmission as it is the simple celebration of life as a poetic act.

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Gosha Rubchinskiy, Anna Dyulgerova, SANAHUNT Cultural initiative, Ivan Kaydash, Alexey Kolpakov, Nikolay Zverkov, Dean Mayo Davies.
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