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An interesting project for you Shopper! The 2nd chapter of item idem's Wrong triptych is this time located in the heart of Tokyo's most fashionable district. Moving his headquarters within the window of Tokyo's most notorious retail role model, item idem performs for a week, illustrating "the life & work of a fashion director", offering his persona to the public, constantly updating the editorial creative process for all to see.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (September 16th, 2006)

Since the heat of summer 2004, Loveless, located in Omotesando " Champs Elysees " in Tokyo ( in front of the 4ever post-legendary Comme des Garcons retail outlet by Future Systems X Kawakubo Rei ), has been sharping the edges of contemporary retail culture & window display installations: His youngster-type-like creative director Yuichi Yoshii is considered & observed, as one of the main opinion leaders in japan, in edgy terms of fashion selection & art direction, in the field of retail creativity.
Asked by Tokion magazine to develop an art-related installation project for the launch of its renewal issue in Japan, 
item idem develops his art meets retail conundrum, and creates the first " The Wrong Office: Loveless Lifemore ":
Following Chris Burden 70's earliest retainment & isolation performances, & reactivating its own illustrious conceptual simulation & relocation program of artistic, retail, & social structures called Caniche Courage ( ), item idem will install, interpret, & relocate the structural appearance & functional mode of an austere office working environment inside the glass box window of one the highest representative symbol of worlwide fashion retail culture.

" The Wrong Office: Loveless Lifemore ": 
7 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a temperature reaching 40 Celsius degrees
Enduring the constant curious, intrigued, & intrusive visitors' gaze
Simply armed with a fan, a coffee machine, & a dart game
item idem, as an in-vitro experience of " the life and work of a fashion director for Tokion magazine ", 
will work & collaborate with his team ( located in their own office space )
reply to emails & develop contacts with third-part partners ( brands, photographers, stylists, artists, curators, ... ) "in order to keep up with the good work ! "
conduct live meetings inside his new temporary office
publish daily briefs about Tokion's development
welcome job interview appliers
and finally offer his person to any question, request, solicitation coming from his own work/network environment, but also from unexpected visitors.

Inaugurating the rise of office minimal melancholic aesthetical austerity, as a creative conceptual development project for one of the most glamourous location ever, item idem, invigorates frozen concepts & attitudes in the field of retail design.

Come enjoy a cup of instant coffee at The Wrong Office: Loveless Lifemore, experience another lovely proof of Relational Aesthetics, as an art & life improvement source, apply now for a job at Tokion and meet in person its fashion director, 
all inquiries should now be addressed to:
Cyril Duval
Tokion fashion director
" The Wrong Office "
c/o LOVELESS shop
3-17-11 Minami aoyama 
Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0062 JAPAN
Tel: +81 (0) 90 1602 6884
" The Wrong Office: Loveless Lifemore "
September 16th to September 23rd, 2006

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LOVELESS, Yuichi Yoshii, TOKION, Kiiiiiii, OK FRED,Yoshitsugu Enomoto, Audrey Fondecave, Yoshi Tsujimura, Lil'Yo Tsujimura.

One week. a 10 square meters window. 40 Celsius degrees. The live production of a fashion magazine.

September 2006
Chris Burden.
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