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Architecture aficionados, assistant & item idem presents you with the UN/BUILT STORE, a unique theoretical architecture/retail concept curated by MOSIGN for DOMUS Magazine! This architectural case study unfolds as an ephemeral retail structure referencing Suprematist artist Kasimir Malevitch (but also maybe al-Ka‘bah?) & progressively disappearing following the rhythm of sales! Savvy??!

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Case Study Store No.2

- Assistant & item idem -

(Ariyama Hiroi, Duval Cyril, Matsubara Megumi)

UN/BUILT STORE ' Study for a high-end shoe label BUIY store'

( BUIY: build-&-unbuild-it-yourself )


- Aesthetical inspirations are rooted in the SUPREMATISM perfection of the 'Black Square' by Kasimir Malevitch in 1915, & in its contemporary dedication with Gregor Schneider's 'Cube Hamburg 2007'.

- Conceptual inspiration comes from the 'Case Study Houses', the residential architecture experiments commissioned by American architecture magazine Arts & Architecture, to major architects of the day, between 1945 to 1966.


Step 1:  The store is exclusively constructed with shoe boxes. *All boxes are simply but methodically assembled following a lay-out construction pattern.

Step 2:  The store disappears following the rhythm of the sales. * All stages showcase an infinite variation of the store design.

Step 3: The store is now finally deconstructed, & only remains through the square shadow of the absent volume *Few boxes will be used specifically as construction elements (not for sale) & glued together as window frames & as a floating roof (hanging from the ceiling) from where are attached the spotlights.

Item Details
MOSIGN, Luca Marchetti, Emanuele Quinz, assistant, Megumi matsubara, Hiroi Ariyama, Mai Ueda, Simon Castets, DOMUS Magazine.

Square. Black. Theoretical. Disappearing.

March 2009
Kasimir Malevitch, al-Ka‘bah, Case Study Houses, Gregor Schneider, Arts & Architecture.
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